Kathryn Cousseillant – Staff Writer

After scanning the latest issues of fashion magazines and the never-ending Spring 2011 runway photos, the fashion trends for the new season are in.

In fashion, everything thing comes back into style, even if it is just piece of the original trend. This season, the eighties are coming back with lots of bright, vibrant colors. It will soon be time to abandon the depressing winter mix of blacks, grays and blues in favor of more lively hues.

Not only are colors in, but so is mixing colors in unexpected combinations, as seen on the runways of Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Prorsum, Christian Dior and Lanvin. Another option is to try a more simplistic and monochromatic look by keeping your entire outfit within the same color family. To try out this trend, pair a brightly colored blazer or jacket with more neutral basics.

The next trend isn’t quite so bright; it is in fact transparent – the lace trend. It seems as if all the designers have jumped on the lace bandwagon, so to speak, from Zac Posen to Valentino and Ralph Lauren. With this trend, it is important to know that it can easily look really frumpy or really trashy, really fast, so it is best used in moderation. For example, a pair of lace tights under shorts or a skirt would be an elegant way to explore the lace trend.

White lace is very popular for this trend, which brings me to the hardest new trend to pull off, white on white. This trend works well with an androgynous look. On the runways, white blazers with white tank tops with white tailored pants made a clean and elegant statement. One way to pull this off would be to pair white jeans with a white cotton v-neck for an effortless look.

Lastly, the most important trend that applies to all other trends is the return of minimalism. In other words, simple, simple, simple. Take Emma Stone in the coral Calvin Klein dress at the Golden Globes – she looked amazing in just a simple crew-neck fitted dress. Sometimes in fashion, and in life, less is more. But if you’re confident in what you’re wearing and you dress for yourself and not anyone else, you will look amazing this spring.


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