Nicole Chaput

Vicky Zeamer’s newest endeavor, the Feminism Coalition (FemCo), was just approved to be a new club at Holliston High School.

Zeamer has many goals for the club, some of which include increasing respect for women (both from themselves and others), and raising a feeling of self-empowerment and community. She says “People’s minds jump to bra burning, men hating and mass exodus from the kitchen as the key ideals of feminism.” However, this is not what feminism is. Vicky is ready and determined to show the students a better outlook that will change the atmosphere of our school and community.

The club will be involved in many community outreach projects. FemCo will volunteer at a home for poor and homeless women in Boston, create activities and presentations to show Friday Advisory groups, and will make sure Women’s History Month in March does not go unnoticed.

Zeamer stressed that this club is not a cult and says, “I am hoping the club will bring to light a lot of relevant but often overlooked flaws in our society as well as the actions that can be taken to work to close these gaps. Making changes from ending women in the kitchen jokes to having mutual respect in relationships can in turn make huge strides for a better community anywhere.”

This spring, Zeamer plans to organize a dress drive to help less fortunate young women so they can attend their prom or semi-formal without worrying about finding the money to buy a dress.

The first meeting was December 22 and surveyed feminism today and in the past. Meetings will be held every other week in the library and will begin discussing specific topics and community outreach projects.

After this year, Zeamer definitely wants to continue what she’s started. She says “Feminism for me isn’t something I can just discontinue once high school is over. I’m excited to go to college and join a more established feminism group, but even if that doesn’t pan out, I’m still going to be an active member in society.”

If anyone has any questions for Vicky about feminism in general or FemCo, she can be reached at vjz@comcast.net and she is happy to send anyone links, videos, and articles to provide further information.


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