Elie Mitri — Special Correspondent

(Photo courtesy of Madalyn Walker)

After serving as a Second Lieutenant in the army, Miss Rivera, Holliston High School’s newest science teacher, finds she is just as at home in the science classroom as on the battlefield.

A graduate of HHS in ’98, Mrs. Rivera still remembers some of the teachers she had that still work here such as Mr. White, Miss Gunther, and Miss Bodmer.

Miss Rivera planned on serving in the army during her sophomore year of high school. She “Wanted to do something important that impacted peoples lives.” She talked to her parents about her options and decided to enlist. She went to West Point Academy, a military school and after four years she became a 2nd Lt. in the army.

She served six years in the army as a military police officer and was stationed in Stewart, Georgia. She was later deployed to Kuwait and Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.

Her most vivid memory of the war is when she was “Sitting on the border of Kuwait in March 2003, waiting to go to war, knowing that I was taking 30-40 soldiers in harms way and I wanted to accomplish my mission and bring everyone home safely.”

By the time Miss Rivera was out of the army, she realized her love of teaching because of her experiences teaching fellow soldiers. She decided to become a chemistry teacher because she loved chemistry. She now teaches both honors level and regular level chemistry.

Miss Rivera says that she “Thinks it is important that chemistry is fun and interesting, not just all memorization.” She really enjoys hands on experiments and finds that “blowing stuff up is fun, when appropriate.”

Her favorite thing about teaching chemistry is when students succeed in “lab practicals” (lab portions of an exam) without her guidance.

Miss Rivera really enjoys teaching at HHS and plans on staying for a while. She would like to thank everyone for welcoming her. She encourages any students thinking about ROTC, going to a military academy, or enlisting in the army to ask her questions or to discuss her experience.


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