Oliver Nissi – Assistant Sports editor

Crowds at homecoming

(Photo courtesy of Madalyn Walker)

Some adults may question what Holliston High School students do with their Friday nights. At the end of the week, individuals tend to do something fun, something to relieve the stress that builds up during a demanding week in the classroom. What a good number of adults may not know is that most of the high school students spend their Friday nights watching their Panthers dominate the turf at Kamitian Field.

Led by Head Coach Todd Kiley, the Panthers are looking to capture their second straight Tri-Valley League (TVL) Title. After a disappointing loss in the Division 3 Superbowl last year to Austin Prep, the Panthers are hungry to get back to the championship and claim their title. The Big Red Machine has already defeated Westwood, and has only to beat Medway to take the TVL title. All teams are loaded with talent and class, but luckily, so is Holliston. Lead by Senior Captains Ryan Barrett, Sean Mayo, Kevin Curry, and Ethan Rayner, the Panthers seem to be the favorites.

Even though players such as Tommy Donovan, Ryan Barry, Shane Earley, and Max Krasnoff did not return, Holliston has added talent. Players like David Dubin, Brody Ciarcello, Jake Battersby, and Max Athy have all stepped up and have taken important starting positions that needed to be filled. Dubin, a 6’1” junior defensive end, will look to rack up plenty of sacks to help the rush defense for the panthers. Battersby, a 6’ junior center, will try to replace former all-TVL lineman and former captain Ryan Barry, who went on to play college ball.

Other returning players include running back Jake Frechette, wide receiver Dan Barone, and the versatile Tom McCarthy. These Panthers have big expectations to show their importance out on the field and inside the locker room.

People tend to forget how big of an impact fans have on games. Teams long for home-field advantage, and when opponents come down to Kamitian Field, they do not only fear the players, but also the fans. The Red Sea is a group of Holliston students who watch games together and have a good time doing it. Its cheers and even taunts intimidate opposing towns. Even though some shouts may be inappropriate, it pumps the players down on the field up.
Seniors such as Sam Gillespie, Josh McLinden, Matt Clancy, and Dave Connors lead the rest of the Holliston faithful in the stands. All in all, the Red Sea plays a big part in the team’s success every Friday night.

Every Friday night Kamitian field comes alive, from both fans and players.


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