Dear Myrtle,

I recently broke free of an extended period of intense depression. I was out of school for two weeks, and now I attend regular therapy sessions. The problem is our nosey school. I have a feeling everyone will want to know why I was out for so long. Plus, I was acting differently up until the time I took my leave. I would rather not discuss my turmoil with my classmates, but I know that’ll only make them more curious. What do I do?


Happy but Apprehensive


Dear Happy but Apprehensive,

Going to school everyday with the same people in such a small town is tough when you want to keep personal issues quiet. Lucky for you, almost everyone feels this way. Therefore, if you tell people you really don’t want to talk about it, it may feed their curiosity but they should know not to ask again. It is okay that you have changed the way you act, we all do. It is part of growing up. The important thing is that you keep your head held high throughout this challenge. Eventually, people will stop wondering and asking you questions and you will be able to continue your school day without any annoying interruptions.

Good luck!



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