Dear Myrtle,

I am conflicted! I have always loved music and art (the two worst paying jobs!), and I want to pursue one or both in college. However, my parents are woefully restrictive, and want me to pick a career direction with a more guaranteed job market. I want to follow my passions but my parents said they won’t help me pay for college unless I do something else! What do I do!?


Shocked and Scared


Dear Shocked and Scared,

Although music and art don’t necessarily pay as well as other jobs, if they are important to you then that’s all that matters. It is unfortunate that your parents do not support you in these career choices but I am sure they are simply doing it because they think it is best for you. If you are not sure of another career path you would like to pursue, apply to colleges with an undeclared major. Many teenagers choose this option these days because, to be honest, how is anyone supposed to know what to do for the rest of his or her life when one is only seventeen or eighteen years old? This way, you can explore different fields in college and take classes that interest you. You may even be surprised by how much you enjoy a class on a subject you never even thought of looking into! If your parents really want you to pick a specific career choice other than music or art, then there are always plenty of options in college to continue pursuing your passions outside of the classroom. You could join the pep band or art club, or even start your own club that combines your musical and artistic talents. If you get to a point in college when no other choices appeal to you, then you should have a discussion with your parents. You will have a legitimate argument in that you sought out other choices but you must go with what you truly desire.

Good luck!



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