Dear Myrtle,

I have two gargantuan weights pulling at me from either side. Right now, two girls have a crush on me, and I don’t know which direction to move in. The first girl (we’ll call her Sophia) has been one of my best friends for years now, and we have several things in common. The other (we’ll call her Boniqua) is a new girl in school this year, and I’ve found her remarkably attractive ever since school started a few months ago. The problem is that I’m not as physically attracted to Sophia as I am to Boniqua. Should I try going for the comfortable relationship, or should I risk it and experience a new person? And how would I prevent Sophia from being hurt?


Crushed and Confused

Dear Crushed and Confused,

The best advice I can give you is to follow your heart. In this case, it sounds like you really only think of Sophia as a friend, which is perfectly okay. You should not feel like you have to like someone just because she admires you. Find out more about Boniqua and see where things lead with her. This way you will get to see if you are attracted to her personality in addition to her physical appearance. As for Sophia, make sure you do not forget about your friendship. Take the things you have in common and make a point of spending time with her and doing the activities you both know and love. She may be a little hurt but as long as you show her she is still important to you, even just as a friend, then it will be really hard for her to be too offended.

Good luck!



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